How can I get money quickly without a bank account?

When the time comes that you need money, chances are that you need is as fast as possible. While instant loans are quite luring, you should always ensure the legitimacy of the lender. And that includes working with one with a good reputation and fully authorized to operate. But then what if you don’t have a bank account? You see, most loans UK lending institutions will require you to have a bank account. So does it mean you’re doomed when you don’t have one? Of course not. Though it isn’t easy and quite dangerous, you can still find a way to secure money quickly. And one of such ways is through home collection loans or popularly doorstep loans as they are popularly referred to.

Doorstep Loans The Newest Quick Cash Option?

Due to their unsecured nature, doorstep loans are normally issued in small amounts by various traders in a given location. And they are ideal options for individuals suffering from bad credit history. So if you have been roaming for a while in search of quick money and can’t seem to find a lender because you don’t have a functioning bank account, then you could use the home collection loans.

But before you jump at the idea, it’s good to understand how these types of loans work because they are entirely different from the payday loans what you are used to. And we are going to do our best to simplify it for you.

The Functionality Of Doorstep Loans

Like any other kind of loan, you have to take the first step in applying or requesting for a home collection loan. And you can do that by either reaching out to a doorstep lending company online using various platforms such as or better yet, through a phone conversation. Afterwards, you will be required to fill in the appropriate loan application forms and that includes providing your personal information and present-day financial history. Here you’re required to be as honest as possible. And then it’s up to the company to decide whether they are willing to lend you the cash you need or not. But you can rest easy because most of the time the process doesn’t take much time and they rarely decline requests.

Once the company accepts your request, they will then contact you to agree on a meeting date and time. You should be ready to host them at your home as most of them prefer it that way, hence the name. Most of the time, the company will send more than one agent to your premises to discuss the details of the loan and come to a mutual agreement. It’s only once you agree that they will present you with a contract which you will be required to sign before the cash is given to you instead of passing through your bank account.

And since the transaction doesn’t have to go through the normal tedious bank processes, you get to access it within no time. And the process is so convenient for both of you( lender ad receiver). But now, the real catch lies here; the agent will be collecting the weekly payments from your home, so expect knocks every so often. Well, until you clear your debt(interest included)

Home Collection Loans Scary?

Yes, it’s normal for you to feel intimidated once you receive your doorstep loan. But you don’t have to worry if you can pay your weekly payments on time. Also, to ensure your security and that of your loved ones, work with a lender that has already adhered to and signed the FCA’s code of conduct. This way you can be sure that no one will show up to harass you at your doorstep.

But the good thing is that with these types of loans, you get instant cash to solve your problems even when with bad credit. Sometimes life is all about taking risks and some risks are worth it, especially if you’re sure that you are going to put the cash you receive into good use.

Take Away

If you are in a fix and are sourcing out for a quick cash lender, but can’t seem to find one because you don’t have a bank account, then you can try out doorstep loans. You can reach out for providers online or through phone and once you reach an agreement, you will have the money within no time.

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