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What I Read in 2016

I did not read enough books last year and I’m really pissed off about it! I don’t know why this should be. I read every night as I always do and I took the same amount of books on the same amount of holidays  But in 2016 I read only 33 books, compared to 39 […]

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What I Read in 2015

Just managed to squeeze under the fence of January with my annual blog post. Phew! It often feels like it takes me weeks and weeks to read a single book and halfway through the year I always get a bit worried that I’m not reading enough, but it transpires that in 2015 I read 39 books and […]

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What I Read in 2014

In 2013 I read 41 books. In 2014 I read 38. But one of them was the Goldfinch which my sister and I just agreed on the phone is equivalent to three books. So I’m on track reading-wise. As much as I loved the Goldfinch (and I did, very much) it did remind me why […]

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What I Read in 2013

So, here they are, all in one shot. With both of my cats. A beautiful thing: And here is the full list. Not in any particular order. And with no kind of grading. All of them were brilliant to one degree or another. Even the two I didn’t finish reading: UNDER YOUR SKIN by SABINE […]

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Author Leaves House

Historically, professionally, I haven’t really got out much. Maybe one, possibly two book events in a year. The worst I did was fourteen years ago when I was persuaded to sit on a panel at a Myslexia event with Philippa Gregory and two other highfalutin, highly political female writers to discuss what Bridget Jones meant […]

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*takes deep breath*

Today I am writing about book reviews. I am therefore approaching the writing of this post in the manner of a soldier picking her way across a field of landmines. I’m not even sure why I’m doing it. It’s just, well it’s such a BIG THING for me. The first thing I do when I […]

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My Year in Books

I always say that I am a very slow reader. On the whole, this is true. But sometimes I can be a very fast reader indeed. For example, earlier this year I read the WICKED GIRLS by Alex Marwood in under twenty four hours (I was on holiday, which obviously helps, and my daughters had […]

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Well, hello there! #2

Well, that was a bit of a damp squib, wasn’t it? All the tra-la-la fanfare of the relaunch of my website and then five minutes later I got hacked. My second blog post was supposed to be a summery affair, full of stories of Ibiza and France and a piece about my one-day trip to […]

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Well, hello there!

My dear old website is back, new and improved after a whopping  two and a half years stuck in the equivalent of a website garage. The last time I wrote, my children were tiny, I’d only just started writing the Making of Us and I was very nervous about the publication of After the Party. […]

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